Marcus Hedgpeth


Hi! I'm a designer & artist with a big vision and imagination. Designing and working independently in NYC, I consult with creative agencies, startups, and musicians to create clever, thoughtful, and edgy visuals. My interest in fashion, design culture, and typography informs my aesthetic choices in a way that aims to enhance the overall direction of any brand or project. 

With a BFA in graphic design, and a background in fine art, I have a well-rounded perspective. I’ve studied art history at the Louvre, and other institutions abroad, product design at Pratt, and have long been immersed in the urban fashion culture of NYC. An expression of my various influences; my passion project, OKNY is conceptualized, designed, styled, photographed, and distributed by myself, independently.

My time in the creative industry has allowed my talents to encompass a wide variety of skills. From art direction to tactile arts. I have experience working in furniture design, clothing design, magazine design, murals, illustration, recording & editing podcasts. As a freelancer I have gained experience in managing, and seeing a project through from start to finish. 

In my practice, I hunger to make exciting work, have new experiences, learn, and formulate ideas that leave the world a more beautiful place.

Included in this site are various samples. For more information and collaborations please contact —