Hi! I’m Marcus, a Brooklyn-based graphic designer, illustrator and animator. I work with artists, startups, musicians & brands to create clever, thoughtful, and edgy visuals. My interest in fine art, fashion and design inform my aesthetic choices, with an aim to enhance the overall direction of our projects. 

With a BFA in graphic design, and skills in fine art, I have a well-rounded perspective on visual strategy. I’ve studied art history abroad, and product design at Pratt, and have long been immersed in the urban fashion culture of NYC & DC. An expression of my various influences, my passion project; OKNY is conceptualized, designed, styled, photographed, and distributed by myself, independently.

I have worked in furniture design, clothing design, magazine layout, murals, illustration, as well as recording & editing podcasts. As a freelancer I have gained experience in managing, and seeing projects through from start to finish, alone as well as in a team.

Let’s work!