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OKNY PODCAST - Episode 1 - Ariel Roman

1st Episode (apologies for the sound). LA Based designer/artist Ariel Roman.

notes: Reference to Netflix's 'Abstract' Christoph Niemann quote by Chuck Close.


2nd Episode! BK Based Caitlin Makary of Dank Brooklyn.


Episode 3 w/ Jilleen Liao of ONTO NYC!


Episode 4 w/ Prince Terrence. NY nightlife staple, DJ, and drummer for Steve Aioki, Lou Tomlinson of One Direction, Santigold, Trouble Andrew, Hearts Revolution, Hussle Club & many more.

Urban Sports Insider Podcast


The Urban Sports Insider podcast explores the world of urban group sports, and culture through conversation. Hosted by a member of the NYC runner and arts community, Marcus Hedgpeth (OKNY), the podcast delves into the nuances of participating in group sports, the politics surrounding sport, the ways participating in athletics has benefited each guest, and what role health and movement play in their daily lives. The podcast seeks to explore these themes, as well as aid those seeking their own community to find local groups as well as insight, and motivation.